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20180603落日熔金:Revolution In Western Music


       欧美的流行音乐,这几年可以说经历了快速的洗牌。Lady Gaga的风光,似乎还在眼前,但实际上如今的欧美乐坛,早已不是她一人的天下了,甚至就连Adele这样的新生代女歌手,转眼间都已经成为殿堂级别的老一辈艺术家。而另一方面,传统唱片市场的没落及流媒体的扩张将带来一个全新的音乐时代。Have you been deeply infatuated with some western music or musicians? And what’s your favourite music genre right now? Maybe you have not discovered the transformation in musical industry. So today, Golden Sunset will show you those brilliant changes in detail .

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